Truffle Cake

18 Feb

This cake was one of my all time favorites to make and eat!  The picture definitely does not do it justice for how big it was!

Instead of doing an ordinary cake blend, I tried for the first time the WASC cake recipe.  Let me just say FABULOUS and I will never stray from the basics of this one.  So I made the batter, baked the cake (which by the way since the cake was so big it took almost 2 hours in the oven!), and placed to cool.  I let the cake cool overnight to insure that it would be cool enough to frost without the frosting melting.  One tip is to always cook cakes on maximum of 325 degrees.  It is much better for them to cook slower than faster as you will help lock in the moisture.

No before going to bed just yet, it was time to make all the cute little truffles on top (which by the way “take the cake”).  Everyone loves these little scrumptious balls of chocolate.   I used the basics from the Martha Stewart truffles and obviously added my own fling.  I rolled them in 4 different varieties: cocoa powder, cappuccino mix, coconut, and walnuts.  Then sealed them in an airtight container and off to the refrigerator they go.

So day 2.  I had bought 5 canisters of Pirouette’s and mixed up my favorite chocolate frosting that I use to adhere.  I took the cake out and away I went.  I put the frosting in a pipe bag and piped strips up and down the cake as I rotated by placing the Pirouette’s.  Now I got about ¾ the way around and needless to say I had to make a market trip for 2 more canisters!     The remaining frosting I clumped on top of the cake and then just spread the truffles out leisurely.  I finished with a bow and PRESTO!


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