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After the Drink.Eat.Play Cupcake Challenge – Recap and Pix

7 Feb

Hello Cupcake fans!

As many of you know, the annual Drink.Eat.Play Cupcake Challenge went down at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood this past Saturday.  We were in charge of baking 650 cupcakes PER flavor = 1300 cupcakes total (we did a Chocolate Salted Caramel and a Pineapple Upside Down)l!  We were lucky enough to be able to bake about 96 every 12-15 minutes so the baking part was a breeze.  The Salted Caramel frosting also went by pretty darn fast!  I think the longest part of everything had to have been filling the cupcakes with the pineapple filling.  I cooked this down from scratch so of course the real pineapple chunks were too big to fit through my filling tip so we had to spoon them in by hand one at a time.  Thank goodness Stephanie was up for that task!  I would have pulled my hair out!

I do have to mention the boxes I ordered online to be delivered with a promised delivery date via UPS was Friday.  Lets just say Friday came and went and NO boxes.  Not to mention UPS had the WORST customer service ever!  So from now on, Goodie Girls is boycotting UPS and will only ship Fedex from now on!  Saturday morning I called every open bakery near my house begging for someone to sell me some bakery boxes with no luck.  I then found this AMAZING restaurant supply store called Surfas in West Los Angeles.  They had mounds of boxes and so I jetted down there!  To my surprise, this place was unbelievable!!  It looked like a bakers heaven and not to mention it was at such discounted prices!  I scooped up more then enough boxes at less than $.90 a piece which was much cheaper then I was buying them for online anyhow!  Not to mention the customer service there was incredible!  THANK YOU SURFAS FOR BEING THERE FOR US!

Ok…now back to the kitchen, boxed everything up and off to the Challenge.  We got there fairly early and set up.  I couldn’t believe how many amazing displays there were and different kinds of cupcakes.  We were lucky enough to be placed next to the amazing Holli from Hollicakes (http://www.hollicakesblog.com/) and Double D’s (http://doubledcupcakes.com).  Such a pleasure to work beside both these incredibly talented individuals!

When the doors opened, the true cupcake connoisseur’s came through.  They formed lines out the doors and filled their plates, boxes, trays, or whatever they brought with them up with the most amazing little treats.  I have to say I was truly impressed with what people brought to carry these cupcakes in!  They definitely

weren’t knew to this annual event!  Even though the votes aren’t counted yet for winners, I think we won either way from how many people came back to tell us how amazing our cupcakes were.  We even woke up with our inbox full of orders people wanted because they had attended the event!!!

Thank you again to everyone who came out and hope to see you all very soon and to all the new cupcake bakers we were proud to meet, we hope to see you very soon!


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Drink.Eat.Play Cupcake Challenge 2011

20 Jan

Good Morning!

After Cupcake Camp Los Angeles, I was approached by a member of Drink.Eat.Play to participate in this years Cupcake Challenge at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood, CA.  Without even a blink of an eye I said YES!  I mean, what an honor to be asked to participate in this amazing event and I just love baking anyways, so why not!  And then I started doing research and realized that this event is HUGE!  Last year there was over 500 attendees and countless press including all the local news shows.  Not to mention, only the top bakeries in Southern California participated!!  With that being said, instead of getting intimidated, I decided that the guy who invited me must have just loved our cupcakes and thought we would do well so I am taking this as a HUGE compliment and we are going to do our absolute best!

You are allowed to do up to 2 flavors, but each flavor you must make a minimum of 650 cupcakes.  Tickets are $40 per person but that includes 1 cupcake of every single flavor from every single cupcake baker in the whole place…meaning most people will go home with around 50-70 cupcakes!  So the $40 is a STEAL!  And, what better way then if you are getting married to come cake testing?  You will have flavors ranging from your classic vanilla/chocolate/red velvet to some of last years flavors of Maple Bacon (Renaissance Hotel), Key Lime (My Delight Cupcakery) and Spiced Apple (Urban Sweets).  And of course…OUR FLAVOR which is top secret!

So, I hope to see you all there…I promise I will have enough for you all!  And, if there is any leftover at the end, please don’t hesitate to come take them from me!

❤ GG

Cotton Candy, Pink Lemonade, and Red Velvet Cupcakes I made for Artwalk

9 Jul

Hello foodies and treaters!

Last night was such a successful night and I want to thank each and every one of you who came out and snagged a treat.  I can’t believe how fast they went!  We were all out in under an hour!!  As promised to those of you who posed for a fabulous photo with my lovely treats, here you are!!!  TADA!  Enjoy and hope to be hearing from you soon!

Xxoo ~GG

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